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Brockhole Halloween Experience - the Skeletons Parade!

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Tickets are for a full day. We open at 10am and finish activities at 6pm with the Skeleton's Drumming and Lantern Parade around the ground that everyone can join.

Everyone 3 years and over taking part in any activity needs a passport.
Children under 10 need a supervising adult with a passport within the activity area.
Children 10-14 need a supervising adult in the Brockhole site, but they don't need a passport if they are not entering the activity areas.

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There are 16 activities and you can take part in as many as you like, as many times as you like on one day. We open at 10 am and finish as the sun sets at 6 pm (8 pm on 31 Oct) with the Day of the Dead celebration procession with drummers and lanterns around the grounds.

  • The Haunted Forest
  • The Giant Pumpkin Trail
  • Professor Pumpernickels Superdooper Mad Science Show
  • Halloween Arts and “Witch”crafts
  • Woodland Faerie Trail
  • Scary Storytelling
  • Gruesome Games
  • Pumpkin Photo Booth
  • Giant Spiders Web
  • Tent of Terror
  • Witches Brew and Goblin Cake
  • Day of the Dead Drumming Workshop
  • Day of the Dead Lantern Making
  • Day of the Dead Make Up Workshop
  • Mini Tractor Pumpkin Farmer (6yrs & under)
  • Zombie Archery (7yrs +)
  • Spider Laser Clay (7yrs +)
  • Krazi Karts (7yrs +)
  • Brave The Cave (5yrs +)
  • FREE PUMPKIN to take home

Location: Brockhole on Windermere  The Lake District Visitor Centre,  Windermere,  Cumbria,  LA23 1LJ

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